It was on January 2, 1925 that Frank B. Nobrega, and his younger brother Ferdinand Nobrega, Portuguese immigrants from the island of Madeira, started Central Chemical, a manufacturer of disinfectants and cleaning chemicals for industrial and institutional use in the Kansas City area. Frank provided overall leadership and sales while his brother, a pharmaceutical chemist, provided the formulary and manufacturing expertise.


By offering quality products and exemplary customer service, the company persevered though the Great Depression and gradually expanded its product line to include janitorial and sanitation compounds.


Mr. Frank Nobrega relinquished leadership of the company to his son, Frank Jr., in 1969. During the subsequent years, Central Chemical became a regional force in the marketplace.


In 1978, the leadership torch was again passed, this time by Frank Jr. to three of his sons. About that time, Central entered into an agreement with Century Manufacturing, then the leading producer of whirlpool bathing units for the long-term care market. Century was searching for bathing liquids (shampoos, disinfectants, and bath oil additives) that would be compatible with their whirlpool tubs, and looked to Central for solutions. Central met that challenge, and became the first company in America to offer disinfectants with EPA-approved instructions specific to whirlpool bathing units. Central was now operating on a national level.


During the 1980's, Central took advantage of their flexibility and responsiveness to literally formulate solutions to the specific needs of customers in a variety of markets.


Central made history again by being the first company in the U.S. to have EPA-approved label text for infection control on mushroom farms. During this same time period, CSI began to offer poultry, hog, and farm premise bio-sanitation products, and saw their formulations permeate that industry.


Though Central enjoyed much success in the agricultural market, human healthcare remained it's primary focus. CSI expanded their product line to include topicals outside the scope of whirlpool bathing. Branded and private label offerings such as lotions, creams, instant hand sanitizers, and perineal washes were made available through Central's domestic and international distributors.


With the blessing of their founders, and to emphasize their ability to literally formulate solutions to meet the specific and varied needs of their customers, Central Chemical changed its name in 1988 to Central Solutions, Inc. (CSI). That same year, Mr. Nobrega Sr. died at age 93, after having worked as a self-hired company sales representative since his "retirement". His brother, Ferdinand, passed away slightly over a year later.


Since their passing, Central Solutions has obtained a three–way registration with the Food and Drug Administration as a Medical Device Manufacturer, a Drug Producing Establishment, as well as a Cosmetic Manufacturer. Accordingly, Central operates under strict adherence to Current Good Manufacturing Practices while also complying with the demanding regulatory specifications of the EPA.


Central Solutions continues to use their ninety-one year commitment to customer satisfaction as a springboard into future endeavors, and looks forward to providing products that solve their specific needs.